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Zhiyun Weebill-S Stabilizer


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or call: (832) 439-0675
Comes with HD Image Transmission for Mirrorless or DSLR Cameras. 

  • Electronic or mechanical Focus/Zoom at
    your choice
  • Intelligent Auto Tune can automatically
    recognize product weight
  • Can be used Upright or in Sling Mode
  • Six shooting modes (Pan Follow, Lock,
    Follow, POV, Vortex and Go Modes)
  • Super easy to balance with a latch on each
  • HD image transmission supports real-time
    monitor, framing and parameter control
  • Supports precise and smooth focus control
    to all camera systems
  • Improved motor performance with 300%
    improved motor torque and 50% increased
    response speed
  • 14-hour continuous run-time with two
    2600mAh batteries
  • An easy fit for travel backpack with the
    light, compact body, the size of A4 paper

Jacob Lampley