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Audix DP7 Seven-piece Drum Microphone Package


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PACKAGED SET OF 7 DRUM MICS: Aluminum Road Case, 1 x i5 Snare Mic, 2 x D2 Rack Tom Mics, 1 x D4 Floor Tom Mic, 1 x D6 Kick Drum Mic, 2 x ADX51 Overhead Mics, 4 x DVICE Rim Mounts, 3 x DCLIP Mic Clips, 1 x MC1 Mic Clip, and 2 x WS81C Windscreens,

Audix VLMTM dynamic mics manage the transients of the drums at close range while the condensers capture the cymbals and a stereo image of the entire kit from overhead. This award-winning combination of microphones, clips and mounting accessories is packaged securely within a rugged aluminum carrying case.

Jacob Lampley